• PoundKeeper - PDD Butch Secord
  • Sr Vice PoundKeeper - PDD Al Pearson
  • Jr Vice PoundKeeper - PDD Darryl Payne
  • Pound Dog Trainer - PDD Ray Rowley
  • Pound Smart Dog - DD Pamela Longkeel
  • Pound Dog Robber - PDD Phil Zamora

The Red Knights have "DOGS" from the following Detachments....

CAPITAL, CASCADES, Kalamazoo, Fred Cochran, Branch Area,

Oceana/Brett Witteveen & Yagle Brothers



The Order, the FUN and HONOR SOCIETY of the Marine Corps League, is comprised of only regular members of the League who have been recommended for membership by 2 members of the Order.

Each member undergoes a series of initiations. First, as a Pup, in their Pound (the local organization, the basis of the Order); then, as a Devil Dog in their Pack (the State organization which meets during a Department Convention); and, finally, as a Pedigreed Devil Dog at the SUPREME GROWL held in conjunction with the National Convention of the League. Each degree must be held for one full year before candidacy for the next degree may be considered.

It promotes good fellowship amongst the members of the different Marine Corps League Detachments. The Order provides amusement and entertainment at all gatherings of the League, when and where advisable, preserves and strengthens the principles and ideals of the League, and maintains true allegiance to the United States of America and its Constitution and laws. It fosters and extends American institutions of freedom and defends America against all enemies whatsoever. The Order is also very active in raising funds for different charities.


You must be a paid-up member and in good standing in the Marine Corps League, Inc. The applicant must be active in his or her Detachment in the League, and must be invited to join the Order. He or she must be recommended by his or her Detachment Commandant and be sponsored by two DEVIL DOGS or PEDIGREED DEVIL DOGS. The applicant is then interviewed by the members of the Pound at a Pound Growl. (A meeting is called a Growl.) If accepted, the applicant must undergo an initiation and obligation ceremony.

Then he or she becomes a Pup in the Order.

You must earn the right to become a Pup and then keep right on working to earn your advancement to Devil Dog and Pedigreed Devil Dog. At the same time, you will belong to an exclusively select group within the Marine Corps League, Inc., the Military Order of the Devil Dogs, Inc. How exclusive are we?


There are approximately 70,000 members in the League; yet, only 8,000 Leaguers have been accepted into our Order. We're not for everyone! Reference should also be made to Article I, Section 101 of the Honorable Kennel Bylaws concerning membership eligibility in the Military Order of the Devil Dogs, Inc.